Fire Safety & Fire Protection

Are you aware of the millions of Pounds in losses caused to homes and businesses? The owners of these properties could have easily prevented these catastrophes from occurring by adhering to simple to implement fire safety devices and easy to follow rules. Remember, the entire house or commercial complex does not catch fire totally. The fire starts somewhere and spreads to the other parts of the building, ravishing everything combustible in its path and even damaging metallic structures. Keeping fire extinguishers at strategic points of your house or office prevents such an occurrence. You can use this gadget to direct fire extinguishing foam on the burning object to douse the fire. This gadget works by blocking the supply of oxygen to the fire, causing the latter to extinguish.

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Liquid or powder based

You should be careful when choosing such an extinguisher. While the liquid based models are good for general fires, they are not suitable for spraying on fires caused by electricity, as it will lead to electrocution. These extinguishers come in conical shaped canisters and are available in different sizes. In fact, you can also purchase small cans containing extinguisher compounds, which are of the size of a standard can of deodorant. They are perfect for your car. Each can, irrespective of its size, contains a label that contains information about its expiry date, along with guidelines (in both text and graphic format) on how to use the product. Contact the manufacturer to refill the can after you have used it or if it has exceeded its expiry date.

Fire safety tips for your home

Negligence is the primary cause of most domestic fires. More often than not, people forget to stub cigarettes out properly before going to sleep. The hot embers of the lighted tip can cause a fire if it lands on the rug. Keep inflammable storage containers (those made from plastic or polyester) away from your kitchen burner. Do not put plastic or metallic pots inside the microwave use those manufactured from glass. Make sure that you have closed the supply of gas to the kitchen oven once your cooking is complete. Ensure that curtains or other pieces of cloth are not near the toaster. The heat emitted by this gadget can set them alight.

Office fire safety guidelines

Most office based fires take place due to electric short circuits. This can happen due to fraying of the polyester cover due to age, revealing the copper wires beneath. You can take preventive action by hiring a professional electrician to check the wires once a year. Each type of wire or power supply socket has a specific load carrying capacity. If you try to connect the air conditioner to a power outlet having a lower load carrying capacity, it will cause the outlet to heat up, causing a fire.

Fire safety gadgets

Install the following gadgets in your home and office to prevent fire from breaking out.

Circuit breaker (shuts down the power supply if the load is high)

Sprinklers (triggered by smoke or heat, they sprinkle water on the fire, extinguishing it in the process)

Smoke detectors (detects smoke and triggers off an alarm)